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Kaleidascope Childcare

 Kaleidascope Aylesham opened in 2002 and was rated good by OFSTED in June 2018. We provide high quality education and care for pre-school children. A graduate leader oversees the day to day running of both Kaleidascope settings. All our senior management team and senior practitioners have been with us for many years providing important continuity for your child.

We support children with additional needs and children who speak English as an additional language.

We are open five days a week Monday to Friday 8.00-16.00.

There are six staff working with the children. All staff are qualified to level 3 or are training towards their level 3 and have enhanced DBS disclosures. Strict vetting and recruitment procedures are followed.

Staff have paediatric first aid training, we have a designated safeguarding and health and safety officer to ensure childre's safety at all times.



Who to contact

Contact Name
Nicky Law
Contact Position
Setting Manager
01304 842363

Where to go

St. Josephs Rc Primary School
Ackholt Road

Kaleidascope Aylesham operates from a re-furbished main room with an integral kitchen and a mezzanine area located at St Joseph's RC Primary School in Aylesham. The provision serves the local area and surrounding villages.

Children have free flow access to a secure outdoor play area.

When is it on?

When is childcare available
Term Time Only
Carescheme Age Range:
2 year(s), 0 month(s) to 11 year(s), 0 month(s)
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:00 16:00
Tuesday 08:00 16:00
Wednesday 08:00 16:00
Thursday 08:00 16:00
Friday 08:00 16:00

Other Details

ECD Type
Day Nursery
Offers pickups
Cost details
Contact provider for details

2 year olds - £5.75 Per hour

3and 4 year olds - £5.50 Per hour

Consumables for 15 hours and under -£5.00 Per month
Consumables for 16 hours and over - £10.00 Per month
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?
Places Range
Places Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
2 2 8
3 5 30
0 5 30
5 7 30
Immediate vacancies?
Contact Provider for Vacancy Details?
Vacancy Information Last updated Date

We support children with additional needs.

Languages Spoken:
Wheelchair Access

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
11/10/2010Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
12/03/2015Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
20/06/2018Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement
30 Hours Partner Details (These are details of any other childcare provider(s) that this provider will work with to offer the 30 hours entitlement)

Funded entitlement is offered between the hours of 900-1500.

Additional hours are offered at an hourly rate.

Local Offer

Special Needs Support

When children start at our setting we require parents to fill out registration forms with a section called 'All about me'. This gives us details about your child's likes, dislikes, any particular strengths and any areas where they may require additional support.

We ask all children to complete 3 settling in sessions with their parent/carer. This allows the child to experience the nursery, and gives the parent/carers a chance to talk to staff about theirs childs requirements and any additional support they may require.

When children start they will be assigned a keyperson. The keyperson will spend a couple of weeks getting to know the child before completing a baseline assessment in line with the EYFS. From there your child's keyperson will identify next steps for your child to work towards to ensure continual progress is made throughout their time at nursery.

All staff continuously observe, monitor and record their keychildren's progress. They meet regularly with parents to discuss the childeren's progress and to look at appropiate next steps. Concerns about your child's development will also be discussed. 

If parents have concerns they are encouraged to come in and talk to their keyperson. This information will be passed on to the setting SENCO, who will spend time talking to parents/carers and the keyperson to look at ways to provide additional support.

If the need for additional support is identified the setting SENCO will work with your child's keyperson to devise a targeted plan to work on specific areas of development. Parents are invited to come into the setting every six weeks to review these plans and to discuss their child's progress and next steps. If further support is required the SENCO will discuss this at this time and explain what steps will be taken, how and why.

The setting SENCO will oversee your child's educational programme and your child's keyperson will be involved from the start so that stong and positive relationships are built with both you and your child. 

Parents are also involved from the start and are kept informed of their child's progress through regular meetings, learning journals and daily informal contact.

Both the setting SENCO and your child's keyperson will collaborate with you on any extra planning put in place such as targeted plans.

All children have individual planning which incorporates the child's voice, thoughts and ideas. All activities are differentiated to incorporate the different age groups and abilities.

If your child requires additional support the SENCO and your child's keyperson will work together to devise a targeted plan to include appropriate outcomes for specific areas of learning. Parents are also involved in deciding these outcomes.

Any advice given from outside agencies such as speech and language therapists and specialist teachers are also incorporated into personalised plans.







































We plan our environment to ensure it provides a calming, homely environment in which children feel they can relax and learn and gives children a sense of well being. We have a quiet space within our sensory area and all storage areas are clearly labelled and accessible for all children.

Our SENCO works with keypeople to ensure all resources are appropriate to support all childrens levels of development, making sure specialist equipment is obtained if necessary. Where children are receiving support from outside agencies it may be possible to claim extra funding to buy additional resources, staff training or support additional staff cover.

All staff are trained in early years practice, and three of our staff are trained in supporting children with additional needs. We use the best practice guide to support our practice. This document sets out a range of strategies which can be used to support children. The book is divided into universal, targeted and personalised levels to enable us to support children in the four broad areas of need. The areas of need are identified in the SEND Code of Practice and comprise:

Communication and interaction

Cognition and learning

Social emotional and mental health

Physical/ sensory difficulties



Our SEND policy sets out the approach we use to support children.

If we feel your child would benefit from some additional support our setting SENCO and your child's keyperson will meet with you to discuss possible outcomes that your child could work towards. Once these are agreed a targeted plan will be written to support your child. 

If your child makes insufficient progress through a targeted plan the SENCO or keyperson may discuss with you the need to refer to other services such as speech and language therapy. If your child begins to receive support from an outside agency the targeted plan will be changed to a personalised plan.

If required the SENCO would discuss a referral to a Specialist Teacher and Learning Service through the Local Inclusion Team Forum (LIFT) and your signature would be obtained.

If the referral is accepted a specialist teacher will visit your child to provide additional advice and guidance and may make further referrals to other services, such as health and would support your child's transition into school. At all stages you would be consulted.

All are staff are regularly encouraged to complete training.

All staff observe and record children's progress. They then plan next steps and appropiate activities from their observations.

All children have an electronic learning journal which parents can access any time. Keypeople will put on all starting points, observations, photos and next steps. Parents can also contact their child's keyperson at any time. 

Parents are invitied in three times a year to discuss their childs progress, but we encourage parents to come in and discuss any problems, thoughts or ideas whenever they want to.

Children with targeted or personalised plans are monitored every session. Parents are invited in every six weeks to discuss their child's progress and to look at their outcomes, assuring they remain relevant and achievable.

All parents are involved in their child's development and are kept informed at all times.

All children have individual planning, and activities are devised from there. All activities are differentiated to include all children and abilities. Staff will follow a child's lead when doing an activity and will support the individual child to explore and experiment in their own way.

All activities are evaluated and staff are encouraged to find ways to further develop their activities to include new areas and ideas that the children have come up with.

All trips are risk assessed and planned in advance. Feedback is always sought afterwards.

Kaleidascope Childcare is situated in the basement of St Joesphs school. We have stairs leading down to our main room with a banister running down one side.

Children have access to a bathroom that provides child friendly wash basins and toilets. These are all children's height. We also have a potty and steps for use with bigger toilets.

We have nappy changing facilities situated within the children's toilets.

Although we have no parking, there is a train station, with a car park situated next door to the school.

All children have a electronic learning journal that records their progress. Nursery staff will share an individual child's progress tracker with their future school to help aid transition.

All relevant paperwork is also passed on with consent.

The nursery helps to prepare children for school by doing activities that include role play with school uniform and photo books. 

Teachers are welcomed into the setting to meet and spend time with the children. Parents and children are also encouraged to visit the school and if there are any concerns to talk to the school SENCO.

We continuously assess the overall effectiveness of our SEN practice. We attend LIFT meetings and SENCO forums where we have the opportunity to share ideas and working practice with other settings and professionals.

We invite parents in regularly to discuss children's progress and share their thoughts and ideas with us. We also have a suggestion box and send out regular parental questionnaires. All parents are encouraged to talk to a member of staff if they have any concerns.

The nursery team regularly review their practice through the setting SEF. They undertake regular training which is always cascaded back to all members of staff as well as the nursery's sister setting in Dover.

If you are considering registering for a place please contact the setting manager Nicky Law, who will arrange for you to come in to the setting, have a look around, meet the team and discuss any queries or needs you may have. You will be given a registration form at this point to fill out.

You and your child will be asked to attend 3 settling in sessions prior to starting. These sessions are an hour long each. Parents are asked to stay with their child for the first two sessions,and then leave their child for an hour on the final session. These sessions give your child the opportunity to spend time in the setting, meet their keyperson and get to know them and prepare them for future sessions.

Kaleidascope Childcare has an open door policy, and parents are encouraged to come in and talk to a member of staff if they have any worries or concerns. There is a suggestion box by the front doors and parents are invited to fill out annual questionnaires. 

Parents are invited in to 'stay and play' 3 times a year. This gives them the opportunity to spend time with their child's keyperson discussing their child's progress and next steps. It also gives parents the opportunity to discuss any other issuses or concerns they may have.

All parents have the opportunity to contact staff through their child's online journal at any time.

Kaleidascope Aylesham adheres to stringent policies and procedures in regards to complaints. Policies can be read on babydays (chidren's learning journals) or at the nursery setting.



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