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Life After Lockdown – A Course For Ages 9 – 18

Life After Lockdown is a brand-new, four-week programme of one-hour sessions designed to explore social networks, isolation, and how we manage our relationships following the long-term lockdown which has been necessary during the pandemic.

By exploring these subject areas, and by looking at the anxieties young people face as we come out of lockdown, we hope that we can help young people to build resilience so they are well-equipped for the `New Normal’ we all face.


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Date & Time Information
Courses will begin on the following dates: 28th April 2021 | 4pm Start | Ages 9 – 13 28th April 2021 | 5pm Start | Ages 14 – 18 29th April 2021 | 4pm Start | Ages 9 – 13 29th April 2021 | 5pm Start | Ages 14 – 18

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To book your space, please use the bookings form found on the webpage, or e-mail

Age Range
Autism, Behaviour and learning, Behavioural, emotional and social development, Communication and interaction, Hearing impaired, Language difficulty, Learning difficulty, Physical disability, Physical sensory/medical, Visually impaired,

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Local Offer Disabilities
Learning difficulty
Physical disability
Hearing impaired
Language difficulty
Behavioural, emotional and social development
Visually impaired
Communication and interaction
Physical sensory/medical
Behaviour and learning
Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (4-10 years)
Secondary (11-16 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
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