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Hearing Link

Hearing Link supports people and their families affected by hearing loss. The charity aims to make it easier to find information, offers practical advice and connects people with others to share similar experiences. Hearing Link offers information and advice on:

  • Adjusting to hearing loss

  • Lip reading and sign language

  • Travelling, holidays and personal safety

  • Music

  • Work / employment

  • Loops and equipment (hearing aids, apps, speech recognition systems, Skype, mobile phones, televisions and telephones)

Hearing Link has produced two short films of people talking about their sudden hearing loss. In the first film they talk about their experience of sudden deafness and the impact on their lives. In the second film they speak about adjusting to hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants. Click on the link below for more information: 

There are many groups, clubs and associations throughout the UK which are run locally by and for adults with a hearing loss. Groups, clubs and associations arrange activities or social events such as lip reading classes, outings, parties, and trips to the theatre. The venues are varied and include community halls and pubs.


Who to contact

01844 348111

Where to go

Hearing Link Head Office
The Waterfront
East Sussex
BN23 5UZ

Other Details

Communication and interaction, Hearing impaired,


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