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Aspergers Support Worker / Advocacy

I have twin sons with Aspergers and have significant experience as a family support worker providing support in all areas where challenges are present.

I am currently funded through direct payments to provide their support and am available to provide support to high functioning Asperger services users that require help to put systems in place to help them to be organised and maintain their independence and who, at times, may require advocacy or support with external agencies.   As a self employed person there is no need to pay my tax, holidays or pension, which I know can be a hurdle for some service users.

I have just completed a PIP Mandatory Reconsideration appeal.  This involved gathering and sending in further evidence and collating it in a way to address each descriptor accurately.  We were successful and it did not require us to go through the tribunal panel process.  It was an extremely stressful time for my son and without my support I know he would not have had the energy or mindset to go through the whole thing alone.

I am passionate about the rights of people who have additional challenges in their lives, and will always do all I can to lessen their load.

I am funded to provide personal assistant support to my sons, which requires me to work alongside them weekly to go through their post, and support them to assess any need for action/further communication.  If, due to work commitments they are unable to make any required phone calls this is something I do.  I chase agencies who are not providing what has been requested (housing, benefits etc).  I type up all letters and work with them to complete any forms to be returned.  

Once every 6 weeks I spend time with them to deep clean a particular room and help them to clear out anything that is no longer required.

I am unable to provide personal care.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Joy Nicholl
Contact Position
Self Employed Provision

Where to go

Mickleburgh Hill
Herne Bay

When is it on?

Date & Time Information
I am available to agree working hours with service users

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£10 - £14 Per hour
Cost details
Costs are dependent on direct funding provision
Referral required?
Autism, Behaviour and learning, Behavioural, emotional and social development,


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