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Autism Works

Autism Works positively discriminates towards people with ASC by providing the opportunity of sustainable employment. The model has already been successfully been implemented and operated successfully by Specialisterne in Denmark and Aspiritech in Chicago, USA.  Enlightened by the approach many large IT companies, such as Microsoft, CSC and Oracle have seen a direct benefit of using Specialisterne and Aspiritech's services.

The Autism Works goal is simple.  We're are a company that makes the best use of the skills of the staff, so that we can provide services that are exceptional and rewarding for everyone.  In addition, we provide autism awareness training to the companies and organisations that we work with.  Finally we are lifting people away from the so called benefts trap and making a real contribution to society both in terms of wealth generation but also in innovation and creativity.  

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(0) 191 303 6550
Autism Works

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Autism Works
Milburn House
Dean Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Your initial contact with us is to complete our "Expression of Interest" form. We might not have any employment vacancies at the time you submit the form but it's important that we hear from you, so that we can keep you informed of vacancies when they arise.You are not going to be taken through the trauma of a typically competitive recruitment process!

We welcome interest in working with us from people with a diagnosis of ASC or have a diagnosis in progress. Prospective employees should complete the Autism Works Expression Of Interest form (please see right sidebar area for the link) and we will notify you as and when any employment opportunities arise.

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