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Victim Services

Have you been a victim of crime or abuse if you have been Victim Services might be able to help you. If you have Victim Services list a number of organisations out there that can help and support you. The Victims’ Services Alliance is a national network of agencies that are committed to working together to improve services to victims of crime, their families and others who have been affected. They have listings that include (but are not restricted to):

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Road collisions

  • Knife Crime

  • Medical Negligence

  • Hate Crime

  • Families who have lost a loved one through homicide or murder, including legal advice and support

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Digital Stalking

  • Support After Murder & Manslaughter Abroad

  • Support to victims and families following an incident or crisis abroad

  • Traveller support

So if you or your family have been a victim of crime the Victim Services Alliance might be able to help you. Email them at:

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