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The Salvation Army - Family Tracing Service

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service exists to restore and sustain family relationships by tracing relatives who have lost contact with each other, either recently or in the past. A dedicated team of caseworkers handle more than 2,500 new enquiries each year, with searches taking from as little as two hours to more than two years.

The key aims are to:

  • offer support throughout the process of searching family, regardless of the outcome

  • provide a service that is professional, compassionate and non-judgemental

  • exhaust all relevant avenues of search providing services to any family

  • support you in reunion or first contact with your family, offering mediation/reconciliation services if requested.

Their key objectives are:

  • to relieve the anxiety of enquirers by assuring them of our concern and the full support of our service

  • to trace relatives in order to advise them a family member desires contact

  • to open a line of communication between an enquirer and the person sought

  • to act as intermediaries until such time as trust is established between the parties

  • where appropriate, to seek to resolve the difficulties which brought about the break the family relationship.

Who to contact

020 7367 4747
Parent Organisation
The Salvation Army

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