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Seashells Nursery

Day Nursery

Who to contact

01795 663311

Where to go

Sheerness Children & Families Centre, Seashells
Rose Street
ME12 1AW

When is it on?

When is childcare available
Open All Year
Carescheme Age Range:
0 year(s), 2 month(s) to 3 year(s), 4 month(s)
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08.00 18:00
Tuesday 08.00 18:00
Wednesday 08.00 18:00
Thursday 08.00 18:00
Friday 08.00 18:00

Other Details

ECD Type
Day Nursery
Cost details
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3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?
Places Range
Places Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
0 1 6
2 2 46
3 5 99
0 5 99
5 7 99
Immediate vacancies?
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Vacancy Information Last updated Date
Help With Homework, Tv/video/dvd, Computers / It, Refreshments, Parks/playgrounds, Cookery, Library Visits, Dressing Up, Games / Puzzles, Visits and Outings, Outdoor Activities
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access details
Disabled toilet and ramp to room

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
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Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
03/04/2012Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
25/04/2013Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
15/12/2016Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement

Service status

Temporarily closed

Local Offer


At Seashells Nursery we want every child to have the best opportunities in life. We provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment to ensure all children will enjoy and achieve during their time with us.

We work in partnership with parents to ensure children receive the best all round early learning experience.

The nursery prides themselves in having 4 SENCO's who all work with parents and children within the setting to identify children with special educational needs and disabilities and make sure they receive the support they need.

Special Needs Support

On admission to Seashells Nursery we ask you to complete a new starter information form which gives us a chance to get to know your child and their particular strengths or areas where they need extra support.  We ask about your child's interests at home so that this can inform our planning. When your child starts nursery we assess their starting points using a base line which is line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, Development Matters document.

Each child is allocated a Keyperson who works with the children to collect evidence, keep a record of your child's development using Tapestry and plan for their next steps.  When your child is 2 1/2 your key person will complete a 2 year check where they will assess your child's development and any concerns they have will be raised through parent meetings.

We operate a key person and buddy system, meaning each child and their family has a designated Early Years Practitioner in the nursery who works with you and your child to make sure their needs are met.

The Key person or Buddy will be available to talk to you at the beginning or end of the session where possible. You will be provided with an end of term report and be given the opportunity to discuss any concerns.

The nursery uses Tapestry which parents can instantly see what their child has been up to. This unique journal is shared online with parents who are able to see special moments and view their child's progress. For parents who do not have access to the internet the journal is printed off termly.

We invite parents to a parents evening twice a year when we let you know about your child's progress and any additional support they need. Opportunities to meet with the nursery's SENCO are available upon request.

The nursery holds a parent forum which all parents are encouraged and welcome to join where they can also share their views on how support can be offered.


The EYFS is an educational framework which allows the Key Person to plan for your child. We observe, asses and plan for your child using all 7 areas of learning.

Our planning in the nursery is based on each child's individual interests and needs.  If there is a delay in your child's development this will be highlighted on Tapestry. The Keyperson and SENCO will work together with you to create a targeted plan who will highlight certain areas of development for particular focus and next steps to meet your child's targets.

Within the nursery we use a range of equipment such as Visual support cards, lables and timers, now and next boards and Makaton.

The SENCO's will work with Key persons to make sure the children are receiving support and help from outside agencies. It may be possible to claim additional funding to buy resources, staff training or support additional staff cover.  

Within the nursery rooms we have quiet areas where the children can take themselves.

The nursery benefits itself from having sensory areas within the rooms where children who have sensory processing difficulties are given a designated area to satisfy their sensory seeking needs and in addition to this it is a quiet area that offers the more shy children a chance to emerge themselves.

Children who are on the SEN registers will have their targeted or personalised plans reviewed every term, the SENCO will discuss with parents how their child is doing and what progression has been made to that target, if no progress has been made then a change of strategies maybe needed and this will also be discussed.

SENCO's and Key Persons will work collaboratively with outside professionals for example speech and language therapists, specialist teachers, health visitors and children's centres

Upon induction at Seashells nursery we complete a variety of paperwork and if your child has any medical conditions and additional requirements we complete a care plan where we discuss in detail your child’s needs.

Staff are able to access training from the Orchards centre where they can be shown how to use a standing or walking frame to ensure children are moved safely. Staff have had additional training in peg tube feeding, gastrostomy button and BUCCOL training.

If we identify your child has additional needs the SENCO and key person will meet with you to discuss a targeted or personalised plan. If required we will refer to speech and language therapy or the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service through the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT) and if the referral is accepted a specialist teacher would visit your child to provide additional advice and guidance and may make further referrals to other services.

One of our SENCO’s completed a 4 day portage course where she were taught new skills which aim to develop children with additional needs play, communication, relationships and learning. Practitioners train in portage work in partnership with families, recognising that parents are the best people to teach their child and support their learning.

The keyperson or buddy will be able to talk to you at the beginning or end of the session where possible.

A child’s progress is reviewed continually and parents/carers are encouraged to take part and contribute observations through Tapestry. Your child’s keyperson plans activities, based on their interests and next steps which are then shared with you to support, encourage and ensure appropriate progress.

Children are also monitored through the 2 year check so it gives us the opportunity to review your child’s development progress in Communication and language, Physical and personal social and emotional development which will enable both practitioners and you to understand your child’s needs and plan activities to meet them.

The keyperson plans for your child based on their interests and next steps.

We adapt our activities to meet your child’s needs and have a variety of resources from long handled, left and right and looped scissors, chucky handled paintbrushes and crayons to encourage the shoulder pivot which is the first step in learning to write. All our furniture for examples tables, sand and water trays are of a child’s height.

Seashells Nursery take regular trips to the local shops and library, we ensure a higher adult to child ratio and encourage all parents and carers to join us on trips out. to encourage the shoulder pivot which is the first step in learning to write to encourage the shoulder pivot which is the first step in learning to write to encourage the shoulder pivot which is the first step in learning to write

Seashells nursery is within Seashells Children’s Centre which is open plan and has ease of movement. The building has accessible doors, toilets, and ramps. The nursery has free flow access to the outside area and is all on the ground floor.

When your child is due to move to either school or a new setting the key person will complete a My Unique Progress/ Transition form which lets the settings and yourselves know where your child is in their development.

Seashells nursery also attends the Isle of Sheppey Collaboration of Early Years Settings and Schools this is where the key person will discuss with the reception teacher your child’s development and any needs they may have.

The reception teachers come out and visit the children within the setting and a meeting with them, a specialist teacher and yourselves will be held to discuss what needs to be in place for the transition to school.

Within the room the home corner is turned into a school setting with a variety of school uniforms for the children to put on, photos and books made up of the local schools so the children can look at them and staff plan activities around the children going to school.

The SENCO’s will attend the Local Inclusion Forum Team meetings which are held 6 times a year to discuss individual children needs. As part of a collaboration we attend SENCO meetings which we get the opportunity to share information. SENCO’s are also attend Local Forum meetings and training through Kent County Council.

Meetings are held every term with yourself, the keyperson and the SENCO’s to review your child’s targeted and personalised plans and create new targets.

We hold a parent forum where ideas are shared and views are taken. A parent questionnaire is sent out yearly where we give the opportunity to parents to provide us with feedback on a variety of issues so we can improve the service we offer to you and your child. This is then collaborated and staff are informed at staff meetings of the findings which is also an opportunity to discuss any SEN concerns or training needed.

Policies and procedures are reviewed yearly and any updates or changes to the documents are made if required.

Within the nursery we have an open door policy and are always happy to show you around. The Nursery manager, Deputies and office administrator will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will be given a nursery prospectus and also asked to complete a waiting list form in which we will take your contact details so paperwork can be booked.

Upon completing induction paperwork any concern will be discussed and care plans, discussions with the SENCO and any training that is needed before your child starts will be arranged. Settling sessions will be arranged and this will happen gradually until your child is settled into nursery.

At Seashells Nursery we have an open door policy where parents are free to come and discuss any issues with us.

Policies and procedures can be found in the office or our website including our complaint procedure.

We send out parents questionnaire annually and hold parents evening twice a year.

If you wish to make a complaint the manager or deputies will discuss this with you and steps on how we can resolve the complaint will be taken. If this cannot be achieved we always display Ofsted’s complaint poster for you to contact.

Below is a compliment from one of our parents:

“My son has struggled with communication. He has no words, very early on, I have shown concern on how my son will ask/communicate with his key worker and other children. The staff have listened and really helped. They understand him just like I do. Treated equally and really improving his sounds.

As well as being supportive to myself and suggesting local courses to help me with learning Makaton and how to parent. Cannot fault them. The whole Centre is amazing.”


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