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Thanet Writers Thursday Writers' Group

Every Thursday from 7:30pm, Thanet Writers gather in the Chapel Ale and Cider House, Broadstairs. This group has been meeting since 2015, and is the writers’ group from which Thanet Writers grew. The format is relatively simple: any writers who would like to receive feedback or critique on their work bring at least five copies of an extract of around five pages (double line-spaced) which the group read individually and then discuss.

The group meet upstairs in the room off to the side, but the bar staff will direct you. The group welcomes all writers, whether new or experienced, and is focused on improving writing. If you would like to attend this group then you just need to come along.

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Where to go

The Chapel Ale and Cider House
Albion Street
CT10 1NE

The building was originally a chapel, as its name suggests, but between then and its current incarnation it was a bookshop. As a result, the building is still lined with shelves of books, creating a suitable setting for a writers’ group. The pub serves a fine and varied selection of craft and brewery beers and ales, along with local ciders, wines, coffee, and various other interesting beverages.

When is it on?

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Thursday evenings from 7:30pm to 10:30pm
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If you are bringing an extract of your writing for discussion or critique, please ensure it meets the following criteria:
• Please print at least five copies
• Ensure it is formatted in size 12 font with double-spaced lines
• No more than five pages in length

You are welcome to ask for support on specific areas such as character development, flow, plot, structure, or whatever part of the story weaving process you need; or simply for a general critique.

Please do not bring more than one individual extract, as we need to spend equal time on everyone's work. You do not have to bring something that you have written; you can just come along and offer your thoughts to other writers.

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