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Young Kent

This is a re-engagement programme that is part of a National Citizen Service Pathfinder project

It is open to all 16 and 17 year olds (academic years 11 and 12) and the teams running have a particular focus for those who are not sure of their next move and/or are not currently in education, employment or training. 

The programmes last for 10 days and their focus on team building, communication, leadership and the development of employability skills.  They provide challenge, physically, socially and emotionally and includes an accredited Leadership qualification (OCN level 1 or 2) as well as the planning and delivery of a social action project chosen by the team.

The programme has three phases:

Phase 1 – a residential programme – two nights, three days – this will take place at Grosvenor Hall, Kingswood Activity Centre, Ashford

Phase 2 – a full time programme – 3 days - in the their local area planning a social action project

Phase 3 – 3 – 4 days delivery of the social action project and a celebration to mark the end of the programme and the beginning of their individual next steps which will include ‘graduate’ NCS activity and where appropriate signposting to education, training or employment.


For further information contact Beth, Amelia or Ryan at Young Kent 01622 351150 or email



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01622 351150

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