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POhWER - Advocacy in Medway

POhWer provides advocacy services in Medway. An advocate is someone who can both listen to you and speak for you in times of need. Advocacy is there to ensure that your views are heard and your rights defended, particularly at a time when you either feel or are unable to speak up for yourself. Unfortunately some people find that their views and opinions are sometimes not taken seriously and that their opportunities may be restricted, and in these cases an advocate can help support you. Advocacy is there to enable people to:

  • express their views and concerns

  • access information and services

  • defend and promote their rights and responsibilities

  • explore choices and options

  • protect their rights and entitlements to services

  • help people to make their own decisions and choices

  • ensure that the client has the opportunity to participate in decisions made about them and more importantly, ensure that they remain central to any and all decisions.

You can contact POhWER by telephone or by email at 

Who to contact

03004 56 23 70

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