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Association of lipspeakers (ALS)

Do you Lipread? Do you need to have full access to your appointments, meetings or anything in which you need to have communication support? 

What is lipspeaking?

A lipspeaker is a hearing person trained to repeat a speaker’s message to lipreaders accurately, without using their voice. They produce clearly the shape of words, the flow, rhythm and phrasing of natural speech and repeat the stress as used by the speaker. The lipspeaker also uses facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling (if requested) to aid the lipreader’s understanding.  A lipspeaker may be asked to use their voice, using clear communication techniques, thus enabling the lipreader to benefit from any residual hearing.

Messages, which are too fast for lipreading, may have to be pared down by the lipspeaker, who is not more than a sentence behind the speaker. Many people speak up to 200 words a minute; lipspeaking, therefore, requires a high level of concentration. If two people speak at the same time, neither message can be passed on. Lipspeakers are also trained to provide a voiced transmission of the lipreader’s message if requested.

Many lipspeakers have the ability to use sign language, a few are also qualified sign language interpreters.  If you would like some sign to support your lipreading then please do ask.

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