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Seedlings Nursery - Leigh Acadamies Trust

Who to contact

Contact Name
Catherine Rotherham
01622 250887/01622 250880

Where to go

Langley Park Primary Academy
Edmett Way
ME17 3FA

When is it on?

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 07:30 18:00
Tuesday 07:30 18:00
Wednesday 07:30 18:00
Thursday 07:30 18:00
Friday 07:30 18:00

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4.50 Per hour
ECD Type
Academy Nursery
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement

Local Offer

Seedlings Nursery at Langley Park Primary Academy

Special Needs Support

On admission to Seedlings Nursery, we ask you to complete an 'All about me' form which gives us a chance to get to know your child and their particular strengths or areas where they may need extra support. If you child has attended a previous nursery we will also discuss their progress at that nursery and ask you to bring any documents you may have to help inform us of your child's current strengths when they begin their time with us. We ask parents/carers to meet with the Nursery Teacher prior to their child starting nursery and discuss their interests at home so that we can use this to inform our future planning to ensure the provision and learning that happens within the nursery is targeted to the individual child. Within your child's first few weeks at Seedlings we will observe, play and help settle your child into their new environment. We will liase closely with parents/carers to ensure a smooth transition for every child to enable them to get the most of their time with us. During these first few weeks we will assess your child's starting points in line with the Goverment Document called Development Matters. This will form the benchmark from which we will plan and support each child with their own next steps.

During our inital meeting we will discuss your child's 2 Year Check and this may be a time when any apparent delay in development can be discussed and any specific steps to support your child identified. If needed we will laise with both parents/carers, Nursery Teacher and your child's Key worker to ensure that a targeted plan for a specific area of development is written. This will then provide the strategies and steps needed to help your child gain the development needed. This will focus upon specific areas of learning for example, communication, physical skills or speech development. 

Within the Academy our Special Educational Needs Leader (SENCo) is Rachel Butcher. She ensures alongside the Nursery Teacher that families have the best support and rescources to help with hte development of you child. 


Effective communication is the key for parents to feel updated and informed about how their child has been supported within nursery. Within the Nursery we have four members of staff (Nursery Teacher and Three Early Years Practitioners). We ensure that at the start and end of every session staff are available to discuss any concerns or answer questions from parents. This enables us to communicate quickly and regularly about children's development and how we have been supporting them. Within the nursery each child will have an identified key person in addition to the class teacher. Your child's key person and the class teacher will be involved from the very beginning of your time with us. We will work to build strong relationships with both child and family. We ensure parents/carers feel involved by having home journals to provide daily contact, weekly newsletters to share important information, learning journey books to share WOW moments in your child's development, daily informal discussions at the start and end of sessions, opportunities to meet with the Nursery Teacher/Key Person at regular intervals throughout the year, collaboration with you on any extra support we put in place, for example a targeted plan. We also have 'Proud Clouds' as an opportunity for you to share and communicate important moments from home. 

Within the nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This framework forms the basis for all our child's experiences during their time with us. Each child's key person will identify, assess and plan for experiences and interactions for your child covering the three prime areas of the EYFS and the four specific areas. 

As each child is unique and individual we tailor interactions, provision and learning experiences to the needs of each individual child depending upon their stage of development and any additional needs that they may have. For example within Communication and Language we ensure we have a language rich environment, where children are exposed to high quality texts that not only interest the children but promote their understanding and use of language. We use targeted plans in small groups and with individuals to ensure that language progresses well during their time in Seedlings. 

We follow language interventions such as I CAN Early Talk and Every Child a Talker activties. We have daily phonic sessions that help to develop children's listening and attention skills in addition to their discrimination of sounds. 

In regards to Personal Social and Emotional development staff develop children's confidence and ability to share and play as part of a group. We link with outside agencies where required to ensure that specialist provision is provided for those children that require it. Targeted plans also help to develop children's well being, confidence and self care within the nursery.

In regards to Physical Development the staff within the nursery liaise with specialist therapist when specific needs are needed to be met. We provide a learning environment that is accessible for all children. Resources are clearly labelled and all at child's height and are available at all times of the nursery day. We understand the role that outside factors such as noise and lightening can have upon a child. We have a dimmed nursery with a calm atmosphere where children are focused and engaged within their play. The children also have access to a 'quiet' room adjacent to the main nursery room. This is a room where children can share books quietly or play quietly away from the bustle of the main nursery room. During the nursery day the children have free flow access to the outside area. In addition to this we have access to the forest school site. In regards to dietary needs we discuss this with parents at our first meeting and plan where needed steps to ensure that each child's dietary requirements are met. 

The key to a successful nursery is an effective learning environment as well as quality interactions with adults. Within our nursery we ensure that we plan for the environment to enable children to develop their listening skills as well as their communication skills with adults and children alike. The nursery has floor to ceiling windows in the main room which enables a vast amount of natural light. All walls are painted white and displays are kept to boards on a grey backing with a black border. This ensures that learning environment isn't too over powerful for our children and that it promotes a sense of calm among them. We have furniture that can easily be manoeuvred to meet the requirements of the children and the setting. Space is protected by the use of storage boxes which are clearly labelled and at child height to promote and encourage independence. 

Within the nursery we have a wide range of open ended resources that support children's learning at all levels. If children require specialist equipment we ensure the nursery teacher liaises with the SENCO to arrange for these to be obtained if neccessary. If a child might be recieving support from outside agencies it may be possible to claim extra funding to buy additional resources or training. 

Within the Nursery we have a qualified Early Years Teacher, whom has a in Early Years. In addition to this we have three Level 3 qualified Nursery Practitioners. We refer to and apply the Best Practice Guidance document created by Kent to support our teaching and provision depending on the needs of our children. These areas focus upon; Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social Emotional and Mental Health and Physical/Sensory difficulties. 

When a child is fully settled into nursery and we have met with parents/carers to discuss their progress and attainment we will create a targeted plan if the child is making insufficient progress. If a child continues to make insufficient progress within a targeted plan then the Nursery Teacher/Key Person/SENCO may discuss with you the need to refer your child to other services. For example a speech and language therapist. If your child begins to receive support from an outside agency such as a physiotherapist then their targeted plan would change to a personalised plan. 


In discussion with the Nursery Teacher/SENCO/Key Person we are able to obtain a LIFT meeting (Local Inclusion Team Forum) with written consent from parents/carers. These occur every term. During these meetings if a referral is accepted then a specialist teacher will visit the nursery to observe and support you child to provide additional advice and support. These specialist teachers may also refer to other services whom will be able to support your child's time in nursery and as they move to school. We ensure that throughout this process we keep parents/carers consulted at all stages. 

Within the nursery we are currently learning Makaton as a tool to develop communication and language with all of the children in our care. 

Your child's time in nursery will be monitored and tracked throughout. We observe, assess and plan activities to support children on a daily basis. We use WOW moment observations to record significant moments in your child's learning journey. These are used to form a picture of your child's attainment in a situation. At the end of each term we assess every child against Development Matters and match their months of development. These enable us to have an accurate picture of your child's attainment and progress during their time with us. 

Three times a year you will receive a written report on your child's attainment, progress and target for the following term. This is shared with parents regularly. We also complete learning journeys which ensure that parents can see and share their child's progress. 

Seedlings Nursery is committed to inclusive practice that enables all children to be included within the nursery but also during outings. The Nursery Teacher and Key Person are responsible for ensuring that planned activities and learning opportunities are adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. This may be additional resources, staffing or a different style of learning. 

Seedlings Nursery is committed to inclusive practice that enables all children to be included within the nursery but also during outings. The Nursery Teacher and Key Person are responsible for ensuring that planned activities and learning opportunities are adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. This may be additional resources, staffing or a different style of learning. 

The Nursery is on the ground floor of a brand new building (Completed September 2018). The main entrance to the nursery is wheel chair accessible as it all areas of the nursery. A wheelchair accessible toilet is adjacent to the nursery should it be needed. In addition to this we have a nappy changing room within the main nursery unit. The outside area is accessible from one exit from the main nursery, this is ground level and again is wheelchair accessible. 

We ensure that a smooth transition is achieved for all children. We have written reports that highlight each child's individual stage of development, strengths and areas of development for their teacher. We will meet with new teachers in the Summer term to discuss each child and transfer key information about their needs and requirements. Children have the opportunity to visit their new setting through out the Summer term. We also invite their new teachers into the nursery to meet with the child and see them in their current environment. The Nursery Teacher/SENCO will meet with parents/carers to discuss additional support that we can provide for children to enable them to settle quickly into school. This can include; social stories, additional visits, photographic books detailing the steps taken to settle into their new school. 

We provide opportunities at LIFT meetings, SENCO forum meetings, staff meetings, regular parents and key person assessment visits, regularly reviewing policies and procedures. 

Please contact us by telephope or email.


Parents/Carers are able to communicate compliments and complaints via the main academy office. They are also able to respond to regular questionaires/surveys. 

We also have an open door policy where parents/carers are able to speak with their child's teacher or key person each session. 

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