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Online School & Education Speech & Language Therapy

We will allocate a Speech & Language Therapist for your educational setting, which will enable you to have an exclusive hands-on advice and TeleTherapy sessions in your nursery, school, college or any other educational setting. 

How can we help:

  • Online assessment and identifying difficulties (assessing speech, language & literacy skills, and language difficulties, such as specific language impairment)

  • Setting individualized targets

  • One-to-one Video Therapy sessions

  • Group Video Therapy sessions

  • Helping to teach different methods of communication 

  • Training  education staff via online platform (if you require training relating to speech and communication difficulties or setting up devices or systems, we can help too)

  • Report writing

  • Attendance at meetings via video platform

Why consider Online Speech Therapy?

  • Flexibility: Video Therapy affords schools previously unprecedented flexibility and access to top therapists, as they are no longer limited to locally-based clinicians, but can draw from an extensive nationwide network of highly qualified, therapists.

  • Cuts Costs: Video Therapy exceptional value and is affordable. Some might think that Video Therapy is more expensive than traditional onsite therapy due to the added costs incurred by equipment, professionals, and technology, the truth is quite the opposite. Except for the cost of the computer; Video Therapy saves money because:​​

    • The price of a therapist is generally the same whether the therapy is delivered onsite or via Video Therapy.

    • Travelling expenses are eliminated on both sides.

    • Traditional staffing agencies charge a premium fee to find a therapist who will travel, which does not apply to Video Therapy.

    • The client uses their own computer – something they are likely to have access to already.

  • Effectiveness: Schools have better access to specialists as well as culturally and linguistically diverse therapists, and therapists with specialties, allowing for more targeted and effective outcomes.

  • Freedom: Schools no longer have to recruit, screen, and manage therapists, pay transportation expenses, or worry about interruptions in therapy when clinicians are absent, leave, or are no longer with the district. Services remain uninterrupted, freeing up staff time for other educational priorities.

  • Peace of Mind: Video Therapy relieves schools of other administrative headaches and expenses as well by streamlining scheduling, easing tracking and reporting, simplifying, auditing, and organizing accurate and instantly retrievable records through the digital services provided. This ability to access critical information instantly - all in real time - increases parent satisfaction and minimises the risk of compliance issues.

Each of our clients are eligible for this personalised school service. Speech Video Therapy affords schools previously unprecedented flexibility and access to top therapists.

By utilising fun and engaging digital technology, Video Therapy is exceptionally child-friendly. Today’s children are comfortable with technology and love using digital game-based activities. The actual session is similar to a face-to-face session.

We let the pupil play, books are shared to encourage language development and early literacy skills, and songs and rhymes are incorporated. Therapy is always diagnostic in nature, meaning that we continually monitor the pupil's progress and modify the activities or goals when needed. 


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