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Eating Disorder Support for young people

Therapy Partners offers eating disorder support for young people aged between 14 - 25.

They can provide CBT-E therapy for you as well as support for your family and support network.

What is the therapy? specialist confidential Eating Disorder counselling using enhanced CBT.  CBT-E (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Enhanced) uses cognitive and behavioural strategies to overcome eating disorders and addresses the underlying thought processes that keep eating disorders in place. You will receive a personalised confidential program that fits with your type of eating disorder, it focuses on your individual experiences and your personal difficulties.

For Your Support Network: support and guidance training sessions for your family members and in fact anyone who supports you - Schools, teachers, social workers, carers, siblings, close friends - anyone.

For more information see the online poster, telephone the team or email at

Who to contact

08455 27 48 09

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