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Bliss is a charity for the newborn. Bliss offers advice and support to families and friends of anyone with a baby who is in, or has been in, neonatal care. Bliss can also provide advice and information to professionals working with families. Advisers may also refer families to other services, many of them free of charge. The Helpline is free to call from landlines. Bliss exists to ensure that all babies born too soon, too small or too sick in the UK have the best possible chance of survival and of reaching their full potential. Bliss believes:

  • All premature and sick babies and their families should have the best possible care and support.

  • Babies should have the same rights as anyone else.

  • The voices of babies and families must be heard.

Bliss run a helpline providing family support  or you can email them at: 

To find out more go to their website:

Who to contact

0500 618140

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