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Bullying behaviour can happen face to face or online, in school or the wider community.  It can be verbal, physical or emotional and often has a disproportionate impact on children who are perceived as 'different' by others.  This includes children from some minority or faith groups, disabled children and those with additional needs, young carers, young people who identify or are perceived to identify as LGBT+, children in care, children with illness and children living in poverty.  Children have a legal right to be protected from all forms of bullying, harassment and harm.

Bullying is devastating for young lives. Anxiety, depression, self harm and suicidal ideation are common amongst children who experience bullying, and the negative effects can be felt long into adult life, affecting academic achievement, relationships and long term mental and physical health.

Kidscape gives hope and help to thousands of children and families each year and work with diverse communities throughout England and Wales to help keep children safe.

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Behavioural, emotional and social development, Communication and interaction, Learning difficulty, Physical disability,

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Learning difficulty
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Behavioural, emotional and social development
Communication and interaction
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