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Twyford Pre-School

Yalding (Twyford) Pre-School is a small charity committee run Pre-School in the heart of Yalding Village near Maidstone. We have been caring for the children of Yalding and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We are based in a Village Hall location in Lyngs Close Yalding, with a lovely outside area, and lots of fantastic surrounding amenities that we take advantage of through trips and visits to local places within our community. We offer a broad curriculum welcoming in lots of local visitors, exploring our local community and exploring other cultures through activities and experiences. We are able to provide a variety of areas of learning in our environment such as; reading corner, mark making, small world, construction, art and crafts, messy play, technology etc to name  but a few. We are lucky to have a dance teacher visit once a week, and we have access to a lovely garden area with climbing frame, climbing wall and planting area. We welcome new faces and would love for you to come and have a look at our lovely Pre-School, and meet our fantastic staff team, children and see our lovely learning environment. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Louise Dean
Contact Position

Where to go

Yalding Village Hall
Lyngs Close
ME18 6JT

When is it on?

When is childcare available
Term Time Only
Carescheme Age Range:
2 year(s), 3 month(s) to 4 year(s), 5 month(s)
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 09:15 12:15
Tuesday 09:15 14:45
Wednesday 09:00 13:00
Thursday 09:15 14.45
Friday 09:15 14:45
Other Availability
Breakfast club 8.15-9.15am

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4.75 Per hour
ECD Type
Offers pickups
Cost details
Please contact for any further information on invoicing
payment or funding options.
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?
Vacancies Details
Please email us to enquire regarding current vacancies, as these are frequently changing.
Places Range
Places Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
0 5 30
Immediate vacancies?
Contact Provider for Vacancy Details?
Vacancy Information Last updated Date
Music, Literacy and Numeracy, Computers / It, Messy Play Area, Cookery, Toys/dolls, Dressing Up, Dance, Outdoor Activities, Trike, Play House, Trampoline, Water Play, Visits and Outings, Garden, Walks, Scooter, Reading, Books, Internet Connection, See-Saw, Kitchen, Car Parking, Songs, Stories
Other facilities information
Yalding (Twyford Pre-School) is set in a Village Hall location in Lyngs Close Yalding. The hall is large open plan with a foyer, kitchen, children's, adult and disabled toilets. We provide a range of activities covering all areas of the EYFS, including a book corner, computer area, role play area, messy play/ sensory area, mark making/crafts/painting area, malleable area, small world and construction areas. These are all located in a central hall area, and we use this area for adult initiated and child initiated activities and small group work. We have a free flow to our garden area, which aims to incorporate all of the areas from inside, as well as a mud kitchen, climbing frame/playhouse with small climbing wall and slide as well as planting areas and areas for riding bikes and scooters etc. We often use the facilities in the local area visiting the local area and going on regular walks.
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access details

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
08/04/2011Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
27/02/2015Inspection (Early Years Register)Requires Improvement
09/02/2016Re-inspection (Early Years Register)Good
05/02/2019Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement
30 Hours Partner Details (These are details of any other childcare provider(s) that this provider will work with to offer the 30 hours entitlement)

We are able to accept all forms of funding via the Childcare Choices website, this includes the 30 hours entitlement, Free for Two Funding and 15 Hours. We are able to provide 26.5 of the 30 hours in our setting, and can split funding between providers. Please contact for more information regarding your funding options.

Service status


Local Offer

Special Needs Support

As parents/carers Yalding (Twyford) Pre-School understand that you are the most important person in your child's life, and therefore you will know most about their character, likes and dislikes and interests. Within your child's Welcome Pack we will ask you to fill in an 'All About Me' form, to help us to gain some of this information, to help with the settling in process, and help us to get to know your child, as well as help us to plan activities to promote interest. This also gives the parent/carer an opportunity to share areas of strength and those that need support. Your child's key person will work with you during initial settling in's to identify your child's starting points with the 'Development Matters' document, to enable us to understand a current level of development, and how we can plan for next steps. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns with progress and enable us to begin to help support with this.

Your child's key person will complete a 'Two Year Check' statutory assessment and this is an ideal time to identify any delays in developement and appropriate next steps or a targeted plan can be put in place, this is a more detailed and smaller step format of next steps, to help to move your child on in their development. Any assistance to refer to the relevent professionals can also be assisted by your child's key person, our SENCO or our Manager.

Demi Fernandes is our SENCO and she ensures that families have the best support possible including working towards development milestones, and access to resources to help with your child's development, this includes all areas of the Development Matters document, and behaviour management. Demi will liaise where appropriate with local authority support such as Specialist Teaching and Learning Service, the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT), Speech and Language Therapists (SALT) and access relevant training for staff. 

The key person system is central to our approach of ensuring that parents and carers are as informed as much as possible regarding their child's progress and supported at Pre-School.

Your child's key person will aim to develop strong and positive relationships with yourself and your child, we aim to keep you informed regularly and operate an open door policy encouraging parents and carers to feel free to communicate with staff at all times. There are opportunities to meet with your child's key person or other staff such as SENCO/Manager at your request, to discuss progress and any issues, and to pass on daily information through informal discussion at drop off and pick up. Specific meeting are able to be arranged at mutually convenient times. 

Children's Learning Journeys (soon to be transfered onto our online Tapetsry platform) are able to be accessed at any time, when we begin using Tapestry observations will be updated weekly, and parents/carers will have the opportunity to give feedback on individual observations and will have the opportunity to see 'Next Steps' and comment on these, as well as uploading their own photos from home- sharing WOW moments. Learning Journeys include regular observations and photos where appropriate and observations detailing your child's development. 

Where targeted plans are in place, or other additional support , we will regularly meet with you to keep you informed as to your child's progress, and work on a plan that can support both at home and at Pre-School. 

Weekly emails detail the activities that we have planned at Pre-School, which are all linked to children's next steps, we encourage parents and carers to contribute their own ideas and get involved as much as possible in Pre-School life, sharing celebrations from their own cultures and their own talents and skills to provide a rounded curriculum. 

Yalding (Twyford) Pre-School are a committee run charity Pre-School, and as such is run by a volunteer committee of parents, carers and local leaders who serve as trustees. The committee is responsible for overseeing the running of the Pre-school, employing staff, managing the finances, ensuring Ofsted, EYFS and DBS regulations are adhered to, reporting to Ofsted and the Charity Commission, organising and manning fundraising events and making decisions concerning matters affecting the Pre-school such as changes in policies and procedures, new equipment, outings, etc. 

Yalding (Twyford) Pre-School regularly evaluates the effectiveness of its SENCO provision as well as children's developement in line with the 'Development Matters' document, to identify individual learners as well as groups of learners who are not meeting development milestones. This is analysed regularly and compared, and a robust 'next step' system ensures that we are always striving for our children to make progress, whether though targeted plans, observations and next steps or regular tracking of progress. 

Through our Curriculum planning children's individual and changing interests are catered for, through our evaluation system. Recent interests are added to planning, and where possible adaptions are made to daily planning to follow children's interests. Planning is linked directly to children's individual next steps, and so are tailored to enable children to have the opportunity to access activities that enhance upon and develop their skills and experiences. 

Tracking of children's progress enables us to identify individuals and groups of learners, who need extra support. We are able to then plan focused activities to promote these, we currently do interventions for 'Super Thinkers' who are our children who are more able, and need encouragement to work together on team building and problem solving activities, and a 'Super Thinkers' intervention for our children requiring more support with Speech and Language. We access resources for these through programmes such as ECAT and I CAN online, and we have a staff trained in ECAT. 

We use a variety of approaches to encourage a 'language rich' environment, encouraging support for language through visual supports, basic signing and ensuring staff are great role models for communication. 

Personal Social and Emotional Development is a cornerstone of our practice and is a huge part of the EYFS, our staff aim to keep up to date with all courses  that enable us to promote well being and resilience. We provide an environment that encourages an enthusiasm to learn, to take ownership of their own learning, work together to build relationships and team work. 

We are able to offer support from local specialists such as occupational therapists and we offer an accessable environment for children or parents/carers with accessability issues. Our hall is a large open space, but we are working towards an environment with segregated areas to enable the children to access quiet spaces and areas that are less overwhelming for the senses. 

We have free flow access to our outside area, which is wheelchair accessible, and we are able to provide for a range of dietry requirements. 

We aim to provide a fully rounded support for parents carers and their children no matter what their additional, medical or behavioural need. We are able to work alongside parents/carers to enable a continuation of the support provided at home, and working in partnership with any professionals needed to ensure that we provide the best care that we can. We have robust systems in place for administration of medication, as per our policies. 

Children's views are always taken into consideration and we work hard to ensure that each child's voice is heard, through all of our SEN procedures te child's voice is paramount. As part of our day to day practice, children's views are central, encouraging the children to take control of activities, work to the children's interests and encouraging them to vote for toys and activities to play with. 

Our SEND policy sets out the graduated approach we use to support children (see Q4)

If your child is making insufficient progress through a targeted plan, the SENCO or key person may discuss with you the need to refer to other services, such as speech and language therapy. If your child begins to receive support from outside agencies, the targeted plan would be changed to a personalised plan. 

If required your consent would be obtained to refer to the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS) through your LocaL Inclusion Team Forum (LIFT) meeting held six times a year. If the referral is accepted, a specialist teacher would then visit your child, to provide additional advice and guidance and may make further referrals to other services, such as health, and would support your child's transition to school. At all stages you would be consulted. 

Our staff are regularly encouraged to complete training, and we are happy to tailor our training to the individual needs of children with particular conditions where possible. 

From the point of registration we work with our parents to build a rapport with our parents and carers and involve them in all aspects of your child's progress. During your settling in sessions, your child's key person will undertake a discussion regarding your child's starting points. This enables us to have a working starting point by which to monitor your child's progress. We undertake regular (approx three monthly) analysis of your child's progress, based on the observations taken of your child in the setting by their key person, we look at what we can do to enhance their progress, and allocate 'next steps' to move them to the next age and stage of development. We also analyse the whole settings progress, and identify any groups of learners that need support, and account for this in our planning, through small group work. Previously we have identified our children in need of support with speech, and also our children who need to build relationships and team work through small group challenges. We have a well qualified and experienced staff team including a manager who has a BA Hons in Primary Educations, two staff with level 3 NVQ qualifications, two staff with NVQ 2 qualifications and a member of staff training for an NVQ qualification. We have an allocated designated safeguarding lead and SENCO, and work closely with a range of professionals from the Specialist Teaching Service, as well as Speech and Language therapists, and keep up to date with all relevant training to suit the needs of our cohort of children. 

We are proud to say that we are experienced in enabling children with additional needs to access as much of the curriculum as is possible, we will adapt activities wherever possible to ensure that children are able to access the breadth of our curriculum. Working with parents/carers, drawing on our experience and the experience of other professionals wherever possible.

The Village Hall setting is fully wheelchair accessible with disabled toilets and baby changing facilities, the garden is accessible through a side door on grass. The environment is a large open hall, however we have made quiet and enclosed areas where possible to enhance the acoustics of the hall. For children with English as an additional language we work closely with the children's family, to like we do with other parents and carers, embrace the festivals and traditions of other cultures through our broad curriculum. We are able to support where necessary communicating with parents/carers for whom English is not their first language, translating information where appropriate. Where funds allow, we are able to support children with Special Educational Needs through specific equipment and we are experienced in adapting resources according to particular needs, as well as accessing any funding that may be available. 

The Pre-School operates an Advanced Pre-School session on Wednesdays at the Baptist Church in Yalding, this session is available for children who are going to School in the September. The children are prepared for school through our strong links to the local Primary School, along with our links to other local schools in the run up to the children going to school. We visit our local Primary School Yalding Primary regularly, during the summer months we use the Primary Schools outside area, and join them for events such as Sports Day and Teddy Bears Picnics, to make the school a familiar place for the children. In the run up to school we do PE sessions encouraging the children to be independent with their dressing, and encourage making friendships. Most importantly we aim to encourage an environment where children are enthusiastic to learn, independent in their choices and confident in their environment. 

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our whole provision, including our SEN provision, to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the children and parents/carers in our care and that use our provision. Parents and carers will regularly meet with the SENCO and key person to review any systems that are in place to support individual children such as targeted plans. Parents and Carers views are of the upmost importance, and we will always work as partners in ensuring the best environment possible for your child. 

If you would like to register for a place for your child to attend Yalding (Twyford) Pre-School please send an email and register your interest. Please also use this email if you are interested in coming and having a look around our lovely Pre-School and would like to arrange a visit. 

We encourage feedback from parents through a variety of mediums, we are currently starting to use the Tapestry online platform for our children's Learning Journey's which gives a fantastic opportunity for parents and carers to give feedback on observations and next steps, as well as 'My Unique Story' which is shared once a year. We aim to encourage parents and carers to share compliments and complaints through informal chats, email communication and through our yearly parental questionnaires, as well as our suggestions box. We have a procedure for any complaints made as per our 'Complaints Policy,' as a Committee run Pre-School the Committee are involved in resolving any complaints. We aim to resolve any complaints at a informal chat level, however there is a procedure for formal complaints. 


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