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Tourettes Action

Tourettes Action is an online resource for people, families and carers of people with Tourettes syndrome. Tourettes Action has a range of support, help and advice about how to deal with Tourettes. Their information includes:

  • support in dealing with Tourettes syndrome in everyday life

  • advice for young people about what it means to have Tourettes syndrome and where to find support

  • guidance for parents and pupils on accessing support in school

  • advice for people with Tourettes syndrome about what it means at work

  • support in everyday life, including housing, benefits and transport.

Tourettes Action also has a range of services for people living with Tourettes which include:

  • a helpdesk for advice

  • latest events, including regular support group meetings - including find a TA support group near to you

  • online chat forum for people affected by Tourettes.

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