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MindEd for Families

The MindEd online resource provides information and advice concerning children’s mental health and wellbeing.  The MindEd online resource is for concerned children and their families to seek help and advice.  MindEd directs visitors to sections including ‘risky behaviour’, ‘eating disorders’, ‘sexual orientation and gender’ and ‘being a parent in the digital age’ for expert advice. Topics on the website include:

  • should I be worried?

  • what to do in a crisis

  • death and loss (including pets)

  • trauma and coping

  • talking to my child

  • who can help us?

  • building confidence and resilience

  • parenting in a digital world

  • refusal to go to school

  • bullying and what to do as a parent

  • sexual orientation and gender

  • eating disorders.

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