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Emma Wallace

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Emma Wallace
Contact Position
07816 856 222

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When is it on?

When is childcare available
Open All Year
Carescheme Age Range:
0 year(s), 0 month(s) to 5 year(s), month(s)
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 8.00 18.00
Tuesday 8.00 18.00
Wednesday 8.00 18.00
Thursday 8.00 18.00
Friday 8.00 18.00

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£55 Per day
£2.50 Per lunch
ECD Type
Offers pickups
Schools covered
Ospringe CEP School
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?
Immediate vacancies?
Contact Provider for Vacancy Details?
Vacancy range
Vacancy Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
3months 1 1
1 5 2
5 8 3
Vacancy Information Last updated Date
Swing, Music, Literacy and Numeracy, Computers / It, Messy Play Area, Cookery, Drama, Outdoor Adventure Play Area, Toddler Groups, Paddling Pool, Toys/dolls, Dressing Up, Dance, Discussions / Talks, Outdoor Activities, Themed Sessions, Pets, Trike, Tv/video/dvd, Play House, Parent and Toddler Group, Parks/playgrounds, Puppets, Water Play, Games / Puzzles, Play Room, Visits and Outings, Garden, Walks, Arts And Crafts, Baby Group, Scooter, Reading, Books, Internet Connection, See-Saw, Ball Pit, Bike, Kitchen, Songs, Sleeping Area, Climbing Frame, Library Visits, Stories, Life Skills, Christian Based Ethos, Library - Storytimes For Pre-School Children
Languages Spoken:
Wheelchair Access

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement

Service status


Local Offer


As a childminder, I follow the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Childcare register. I aim to create a fully inclusive environment for all children and their families which is also welcoming. I aim for parents to feel that they can approach me about anything relating to their child. 

Parents are welcome to chat to me anything time if they have any concerns about their child. 

When children first start with me, we have some settling in sessions, which will help me to assess their starting points (also with parent/s) in order to plan for their progress in the EYFS 2021. Of part of my usual practice I will watch to see how the child is progressing while they are playing. I will also carry out a 2 year progress check and share this with parents. If I or parents feel that their child is not progressing well, I will have a chat with parents and work out the best way to support the child.

I welcome any feedback from any health care professionals, such as speech and language therapists or health visitors in order tat I can plan for their child's individual needs.

Early identification of SEND is very important to ensure the best support can be put in place. 

Special Needs Support

If I think a child in my care has SEND, I will start to observe them, and start to write down some notes and share these with the child's parents/carers. I will do some research to find out what help is available and relay this information to the parents. I will keep all information confidential.

I will also work with parents to decide what action to take next. 


When the child first starts with me they are offered some settling in sessions, while settling in the child would get to know me, my setting, other children and my family.

I am the key person for my setting, this means I am always available to your child and I will be aware if I have any concerns and be able to support the child to reach their full potential. 

I will ask parents to be as fully open to me about their child needs and let me know either verbally/email or whatsapp if they have any concerns about their child. If i have any concerns I will chat verbally with the parent. 

I will oversee and plan an educational programme with the parents input to help their child. I will be working with the said child when ever the child is at my setting. As a small setting their is usually only 3 children here most of the time. So their will lots of opportunities to support the child. 

As a small setting I can plan for individual needs. I take on all the key persons roles for all the children I look after.

I take responsibility to ensure all my activities are planned which reflect on all the childrens needs, interests any schemas they may have and their own abilities.


I will know your child really well and will be willing to chat any time which is mutually agreed.

I will give the parent regular updates on what they are achieving whether its on the door step (due to covid 19) or by email or whatsapp. We can discuss further how to support your child at my setting. I will follow EYFS to help me with my planning to see where the child needs extra support.

I may also suggest some home learning which can help support the child 

I have some forms in my medicine folder which include forms for continuous treatment, which could include asthma pumps or antibiotics, or epipen. whatever medicines I could give to your child, I might need extra  training by a doctor or nurse.

I will keep any medicines in a high cupboard in my kitchen. I will be able to support the child's behaviour by having boundaries which are suitable for their age and stage of development. Any issues with behaviour I will set up an behaviour sheet to try and spot any behaviour triggers and learn how to avoid them, while working with their parents. All children have the right to have their own views and being able to contribute to their own views.  I give all children time for this.

I support children's emotional wellbeing by making sure I am always available for them. being a good role model eg being kind/polite and by being consistent.


I use the EYFS to asses all childrens learning and progress. I will keep parents and careers informed using whatsapp, email and verbal communication. 


Regular outings are planned in my local community  (library/messy play at the community centre/toddler groups/play grounds and some trips further out of my town including trips to Wildwood/Whitstable castle and beaches. When planning trips I take into account how many children are here, their individual needs and weather they are walking.  I have got various car seats for all ages and singe/double buggy and a buggy board for the children.

All outings are risk assessed to make sure they are safe for all children. 

Indoors and outdoors I can adapt all activities for all children. 

My setting is arranged to be as inclusive and accessible as much as I can. My setting is all one one open planned floor. 

If the child needs any help available, I will be there for extra support. I always involve parents in my planning of trips and activities. I also ask parents if they have a favourite place or activity their child enjoys.

I will work with the child's family and any professionals to identify and get any specialist equipment I might need to help the child.   

When children move on to a new setting, with parent's permission I will work with their new setting and exchange information they will need.

If it requires meetings can be arranged with new setting to make sure all the relevant information is passed on. I can also set up some activities to prepare the child for their move. 

I access my setting daily to make sure it fits the best for the child I look after and change any thing that needs doing. I also send out parental questionnaires where parents can write their own views on what I offer. Parents can also say verbally daily when they drop off or collect their child, or email or whatsapp.  


Please contact me via telephone

If parents want to give feedback to me they can do it verbally, email, whatsapp or through my account. 

Parents all have access to Parents Poster which is sent out electronically and has all the details about how to make a complaint


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