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Kingswood Pre School Group

We are a term time only setting with a capacity of 30 children per session, based in a village hall.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Katherine Ross
Contact Position
07729 499508

Where to go

Kingswood Village Hall
Gravelly Bottom Road
ME17 3PX

When is it on?

When is childcare available
Term Time Only
Carescheme Age Range:
2 year(s), 3 month(s) to 4 year(s), 0 month(s)
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 09:00 15:00
Tuesday 09:00 12:00
Wednesday 09:00 12:30
Thursday 09:00 12:30
Friday 09:00 15:00

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£18.00 Per half day
£4.00 Per lunch
ECD Type
Offers pickups
Cost details
Lunch club is available Mon
Thur and Fri for 3 year olds and over.
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?
Total vacancies
Vacancies Details
We are open for 22 hours maximum per week, including lunch club for four of the days.
Places Range
Places Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
0 5 30
Immediate vacancies?
Contact Provider for Vacancy Details?
Vacancy range
Vacancy Range
Start AgeEnd AgePlaces
3 4 3
Vacancy Information Last updated Date
Sandpit, Arts And Crafts, Music, Computers / It, Refreshments, Cookery, Messy Play Area, Outdoor Adventure Play Area, Books, Themed Sessions, Kitchen, Slide, Climbing Frame, Quiet Room, Games / Puzzles, Visits and Outings
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access details
Wheelchair access to building. Disabled toilet.

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
07/12/2009Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
28/02/2013Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
19/09/2016Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Registered to provide up to 30 hours entitlement
30 Hours Partner Details (These are details of any other childcare provider(s) that this provider will work with to offer the 30 hours entitlement)

We provide up to 22 hours funded childcare. This can be used in partnership with another setting, if you require more.

Service status


Local Offer


All local authorities are required to make information available to parents about the provision, services and support available locally to children and young people with SEND. This is known as the local offer.

Special Needs Support

When your child joins us at Kingswood Preschool, we ask you to fill in an ‘All about me’ form, which gives us an insight into your child’s likes, dislikes, strengths and areas where you may think they need extra support. We ask you about their special interests at home, so we are able to plan for them uniquely in the setting. We also assess their starting points using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and using this we are able to show progress throughout the time your child spends with us at Kingswood Preschool.


We complete a statutory assessment, the Progress Check at 2, and this may be a time when any delay in development or concerns you may have, can be discussed and appropriate steps forward, identified. Your child will have a key person and they may discuss targeting a specific area of need such as speech and language or social skills and we plan additional opportunities for your child to gain further experience in this area.  This would be written and shared with you at every step through a targeted plan.


At Kingswood Preschool, we are extremely fortunate to have a staff that are very experienced and have worked in the education and childcare industry for many years. We are all parents and the majority of us have a child with varying degrees of Special Need, so we are empathetic and understand any concerns you have about your child, as we have been there too!



Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is SARAH LAPWOOD. She is on hand to provide the best support and resources to help with the development of your child and can help wherever she can.


Being a SENCO includes:

  • Attending relevant training
  • Working closely in partnership with parents
  • Supporting the team to review progress regularly
  • Completing observations and relevant paperwork
  • Liaising with the local Equality and Inclusion adviser
  • Making referrals to appropriate professionals with your consent
  • Attending the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT) meetings to gain advice and make referrals to the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS).

When your child starts with us at Kingswood Preschool, they will be allocated a Key Person, who will get to know your child very well.  They will liaise with you from the start. This ensures that right from the beginning of your child's journey, strong and positive relationships are built with your child and with you and any concerns you may have, can be aired quickly.


You can rest assured that you feel involved in how your child is supported in the following ways:

  • Daily informal contact at the beginning and end of each session
  • Detailed Learning Journeys via online service (TAPESTRY) which set out photos and observations of how your child is developing and enjoying their day. You can access this via your email and it provides a unique and informative insight into the activities your child enjoys whilst they are in our care. Parents can ask their child's key person questions via this method, or indeed share progress at home using observations, photos and even videos.
  • Opportunities for meetings at your request whenever you feel this is appropriate
  • Planned consultation meetings, when we let you know about the progress your child is making and any additional support they may require
  • Collaboration with you on any extra planning we agree to put in place – a targeted plan or a more detailed Personalised Plan.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a framework which allows key persons to plan for your child in a unique and personal way. We observe, assess and plan on an individual basis, to cater for your child’s needs in three very important prime areas – Communication and Language (C & L), Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), and Physical Development (PD).


We also assess and plan for four specific areas – Literacy (L), Maths (M), Understanding the World (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).


Communication and Language


  • Providing a ‘language rich’ environment tailored to the needs of the current children
  • Using simple signs and visual aids to help communication where needed
  • Using small group activities where your child is able to find their voice in secure surroundings
  • Providing ideas and resources for parents to use at home
  • Liaising with the Speech and Language Therapy Service at Coxheath, Maidstone


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Linking with local Specialist Provision and Health Visitors
  • Attending specialist forums for information and advice
  • Targeting small groups or individual activities to promote well-being and resilience



Physical Development

  • Building links with specialist therapists, such as Occupational Therapists or the Portage Service
  • Offering an accessible environment to meet the child’s needs
  • Demonstrating awareness of environmental factors that have a sensory impact on children such as noise, lighting etc
  • Continuous provision of our Outdoor Space both grassed and hard surface
  • Providing for a range of dietary requirements


Our activities are tailor made to individual children’s needs from observation and the child’s preferences. A host of interesting and exciting activities are continuously offered and are changed and adapted as often as needed, to accommodate every child’s unique interests and personal needs.


Kingswood Preschool offers a large, bright hall, which accommodates various zones which are linked to the EYFS. Ie Role Play Area, Literacy Corner, Construction and Investigating Area and so on.


We also offer a separate quiet zone, which can be used for individuals/small groups who need to access a calmer, quieter environment.


An outdoor area is continuously available whatever the weather. It benefits from safety flooring and is constantly accessible for all children throughout the session. This enables our children to cycle, scoot, play with messy materials, experience sensory activities such as sand and water, climb, balance and socialise in a safe, fenced off space.


Large, grassed grounds which are fenced off to enable our children to be able to run, observe nature and enjoy some freedom in a safe and secure environment are also available.



Effective teaching and learning requires a wide range of resources, which are updated and replaced regularly to support children’s development at all levels.


The SENCO will ensure that if specialist equipment is needed it will be obtained if necessary with the help and advice of outside agencies. It may be possible to claim extra funding to help purchase additional resources, staff training and support extra staff cover to support your child if s/he is shown to need an additional adult.


Teaching Strategies


We are extremely lucky at Kingswood Preschool in that both the Manager Katherine Ross and Deputy Manager Sarah Lapwood are both qualified Primary teachers who are very experienced and knowledgeable about Early Years and our staff are trained in Early Years practice.


We use the Best Practice Guidance document to support our teaching, in conjunction with the graduated approach, which guides us through the process of supporting children whose progress is not what we expect at their stage of development.  The Best Practice Guidance which was written by the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service, sets out a range of teaching strategies which can be used to support children eg visual aids and signing processes. This book enables us to support children in the four broad areas of need- Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Physical/Sensory difficulties. All of which are identified in the SEND Code of Practice.

We follow the Graduated Approach, which has been adopted by Kent County Council, where your child is monitored firstly at a universal level, targeted and personalised levels as mentioned previously in

question 4.


If we feel as an experienced staff that your child is making insufficient progress through an initial targeted plan, the key person and/or SENCO may discuss with you the need to refer your child to outside agencies for their expert help and advice. If your child begins to receive support in this way, the targeted plan would be changed to a personalised plan and be more detailed and specific.


If required, your consent would be obtained to refer to the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service through The Local Inclusion Team Forum  (LIFT).  This is a meeting held six times a year whereby professional guidance is sought for your child’s needs. If the referral is accepted at this forum, a specialist teacher with a wealth of experience would visit your child at the setting to provide additional advice and guidance to staff and parents. They may make further referrals to other services, such as health and would support your child’s transition to school at age 4. At all stages of this process, you will be consulted.


All staff are regularly encouraged to complete training. In addition to this, several staff members have attended an Early Years Autism Awareness course, as well as attending special needs forums/LIFT meetings on a regular basis.


In the past, where we have encountered children with a condition we are unfamiliar with, our staff have researched information and invited health professionals to train us in the specific need of that child.



An effective key person approach is essential for all children. The key person is responsible for guiding, monitoring and supporting the physical and emotional development of all children in their care and this is especially important when children have special or additional educational needs. They are also there to support the child’s parents/carers in this process. Depending on the child’s level of need, the key person may become the child’s 1-1 support if it becomes necessary, for instance if a child has no understanding of risk and danger. In this instance, the setting would endeavour to secure funding via the Special Educational Needs Inclusion Fund (SENIF) or secure resources using the Disability Access Fund (DAF).


Your child’s key person will be available to discuss your child’s progress and is responsible for gathering observations, photographs and your child’s work through our online file system - Tapestry. This will be delivered via your email at regular intervals showing significant moments of your child’s progress. You are very welcome to make an appointment to speak with your child’s key person to discuss progress, or any issues raised in their online learning journey.


We make an overall assessment of your child’s progress three times a year. There is also a statutory assessment at the age of two; The Progress Check at Age Two.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss with you your child’s starting points and the progress they have made since then. If we feel that your child is delayed in any area of development, we will discuss this with you and you can also get more advice from your  Health Visitor. Additionally on transition to school, we liaise with teachers from the school your child is due to go to and with your consent, share information on progress/development.


We pride ourselves on our good partnership with parents and we have an open door policy, where we encourage parents to come and join us at the setting if they so wish, to see what your child gets up to on a daily basis!


Inclusive practice at Kingswood Preschool is at the heart of our ethos. Your child’s key person will ensure that the environment is suitable and adapted to meet your child’s needs at all times. We will do this through regular consultation with colleagues during staff meetings and on a day-to-day basis. No child will ever be excluded from any activity because of their need or disability.




As a rule, we prefer and feel it is more appropriate due to the age of our children, to ask all parents to accompany children on trips out, in conjunction with the staff. If a parent is unable to join us, we endeavour and try our very best to accommodate this by ensuring that a staff member accompanies your child. This would have to be carefully planned with you and a personal risk assessment for your child put in place.


We make a research trip prior to any outing, to pre-empt any possible issues, where we risk assess the environment. We also take a first aid kit, emergency details of the children and any other resources or equipment we might require.

Our setting is based in a Village Hall. The building has a main double door, which has the capacity to be opened out to enable wheelchairs of any size or width to access the building with ease. The flooring is level at this entry point.


Our outdoor area can be accessed via an outer gate and the surface is suitable for children using wheelchairs and frames.


We have an accessible toilet, next to the main door, which can accommodate a wheelchair – low level sink and a changing table.


Whenever possible, we will make any reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of children, parents or staff. We have a large car park with separate areas for parking for parents and staff. We would, however, encourage parents whose children have mobility issues or who need space to unload chairs or equipment to park nearer to the building with prior arrangement with the Manager or Deputy.

We would invite your child’s new teacher or key person to visit them at Kingswood Preschool and to arrange visits to the new setting or school.


With your consent, we would share your child’s file and examples of their work, as well as their transition report and any other relevant paperwork.


We would involve your child in school-type activities, book making, dressing up in school uniform and photo books about the school and any activity we think may make your child’s transition to school easier.

  • We review and update our policies and procedures regularly and invite parents/carers to contribute to them if they wish to


  • We send out an annual questionnaire whereby we invite comments and suggestions on how we can improve our provision


  • We have regular parent and key person assessment visits


  • Weekly staff meetings where we constantly reflect on our processes


  • Evaluate our training and workshop content and discuss how we might change our procedures


  • Attending SENCO forum meetings


  • Attending LIFT meetings





Contact the Manager Katherine Ross in the first instance on the setting’s mobile phone, for an informal chat and to arrange a convenient time to visit us. We open Mondays 9-3.00, Tuesdays 9-12, Wednesday and Thursday 9-12.30 and Friday 9-3.00.


We encourage parents to make an appointment to visit with their child. We want parents to see the setting in action. At this meeting, if you are keen for your child to join us, we will discuss the settling in process with you. You would be able to meet with our SENCO/Key person.


If applicable we could discuss additional funding such as SENIF and arrangements for assessment or DAF (where the child would need to be in receipt of DLA) and how it might be used for your child.

We always welcome feedback, as this helps us to improve our service to you and your child. You can do this informally, by discussing any issues good or bad with the manager as we have an ‘open door’ policy.


We have a comments/suggestions book in the foyer, which is available to write in every day.


We issue a questionnaire every spring term, where parents can voice their opinions, anonymously if they so wish.


Our policy and procedures can be found on our website or a shortened version is available at all times in the foyer. Parents are very welcome to contribute to these. We value your comments and ideas.


Our complaints procedure is available in the policy folder in the foyer.


We constantly review our procedures and reflect on our practices by staff discussion and by listening to the people who know their children best – you – the parent. Any suggestions or feedback is discussed within staff meetings and is considered. We are constantly evolving and with the help of parents are


changing to meet the needs of all of our children in our care.


“J loves spending time here with all the staff and children. Although he may not be verbal, his body language says a lot. I will be so sad to see him leave to go to Big School this July!”


“Preschool has handled well any concerns I have had with my child. There have been many tearful moments but it has been so lovely that they have listened to me …”


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