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Smokefree programme at Gravesend Gateway

The One You Smoke Free programme provides:

  • Weekly support from a specialist adviser

  • Access to prescription products to help you to quit smoking

  • Behavioural support to strengthen your motivation

  • Support from others in the same situation, where appropriate.

 Support is available in:

  • ‘Rolling’ groups (people join at different times)

  • Drop in sessions

  • 1:1 appointments

  • Telephone support

  • Online Support

The majority of smokers who ‘go it alone’ or chose ‘cold turkey’ will return to smoking within a year of quitting.

In our experience groups are the most effective method of support. They give you the chance to share experiences with other as you quit smoking and learn together how to deal with nicotine cravings. However, discuss all the options with your adviser and make sure you choose the route that is best for you.

Who to contact

0300 123 1220

Where to go

Gravesend Gateway
Civic Centre
Windmill Street
DA12 1AU

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