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Redcot Lodge

Redcot Lodge is a family run residential care home in the seaside town of Cliftonville. We provide residential services of excellent quality to 18 elderly residents. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mrs Emma Rolfe
Contact Position
01843 220131

Where to go

Redcot Lodge
Lower Northdown Avenue

What we offer, what we have done, what we plan to do, does the shoe fit?   Redcot Lodge is a family run Care Home in the heart of the seaside town of Cliftonville. We welcome both Respite and Long-Term Residential Care. We cater for health conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Diabetes. We provide activities each week ranging from, Solo and Duet musicians, some of which bring in extra instruments for residents to play and join in with. Interactive Animal sessions, with a variety of small animals for residents to hold. We have a lady that comes in and does armchair exercises. We have film nights. Regular BBQ’s in the warmer months, that we invite family members to attend and to relax in the sun with their loved ones. Of course, we have bingo, cards, board games and we are always happy to include suggestions for activities from residents and families. We have consistently achieved a 5 Star rating for our food hygiene and our menus are created with locally sourced fresh produce. We can cater for a large range of diets and are always happy to do something a little different. The foods so good that the staff and owners eat it as well. We have a state-of-the-art call bell system. Allowing us to make sure that residents are responded to quickly. A brand-new CCTV system that covers all entrances and exits, so just in case a loved one tries to go for a walk, the doors will alarm and we can see instantly who is going out or coming in. Our greatest asset however are our staff. Some of which have been with us from day one. Their professionalism and caring nature are second to none. Without them Redcot would not be what it is today and would not have the great reputation it has amongst the local community and the teams that work alongside Redcot Lodge such as district nurses, care managers, doctors etc who all should be praised for working in such a challenging environment. We are proud of them all. We have decorated and updated 14 of the 16 bedrooms over the last year, had a brand-new wider drive laid to give easier access to wheelchairs users and for wheelchair vehicles. We plan to decorate the outside and communal areas over the next year and the remaining 2 bedrooms. Plus, we hope to have a wet-room installed. It can’t all be done at once, but we take no profit and pump any money we can into updating things. The outside may look a little tired, but we have prioritised updating things that can give immediate benefit to our residents. That is our priority at all times. We have also invested heavily over the last year on hospital beds that make life easier for residents, we have a total of 9 brand new hospital beds across 16 rooms now and will be getting more. We have also purchased the latest lifting equipment which works so much better than older models, once again this improves the care for your loved ones and gives them more dignity. So, if you’re looking for a care home for yourself or for a loved one, pop in and have a chat and a cuppa, see how we work, have a look around, ask all those question that may concern you about moving to a care home. Have some lunch, try the food. See if the shoe fits. You can also call us on 01843 220131 to discuss things and get further info. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£600 - £750 Per week
Cost details
Self funding rate
from £600 to £750 per week
assessed upon needs.

Please see our Facebook page for all the latest updates and information.

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Rated 3.3333333333333335 out of 5
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Great home
When looking for a care home for our loved one we hope that we are picking the right one who will meet their care needs and treat them with dignity and respect. I was lucky enough to fine redcot lodge. The manager and staff are lovely and always update me on any changes to my mum's health. My mum has Alzheimers and can t always express how she feels but I know just by her laughing and smiling on our visit not just me but other members of the family.  No care home is perfect and we can always find fault because there our family and no one can care for them like us but am happy to have found redcot and I recommend to others who are looking for a care home for there loved one. Please don't judge the decoration IT'S THE CARE THAT MATTER!!!!
Sent my grandfather here for our first respite week in 18 months. Seemed like a lovely owner and although tatty, a very caring home. How wrong we were. He came home smelly, unsaved and unwashed. His bottom was covered in stage 1 bedsores and he was in pain. He wears disposable pants which we had sent but out of 9 pairs sent, only 4 were used for the entire week. He wasn't showered and was left to wash by himself, something we specifically said he could not do. We also told him he could not dress himself. He wore the same pair of socks for 7 days and the same pair of trousers. When he came home, he had not got his pyjamas, he had someone else's, his towels and flannels had not been used and he had another person's towel in his case. He also had someone else's top on.  I will be making a formal complaint. He has literally been fed and nothing more.  His Alzheimer's and Dementia seem to have been ignored despite us explaining that there was little he could do alone. He was so confused and odd when he returned home, so neglected and filthy. I would not send my dog to this hideous place.  
Excellent , Dignified Care
I just wanted to say thank you to the lovely staff at Redcot , for the care they provided to my Grandma. She spent the last few months of her life at Redcot and i am so glad she did. Nothing was too much trouble, even though she had eating issues, they took the time to make seperate meals that she could handle ok and then took the time to feed her at her own pace. She was very scared to go into a care home as she was very independant. We expected a call on the first night after settling her in, but it was us that called the next day asking if she was ok, to find that she was in the  lounge listening to a two piece band playing songs that she loved. They passed the phone to her and she asked us to call back later as she wanted to enjoy the music. That set the tone for her stay. Every visit she would ask us to thank the staff for this or that. When we would, they would say they already knew, as she would let them know daily how wonderful the staff were. When she passed, the manager and 3 of the staff came to the funeral in Birchington. I as well as my Grandma had fears about Care Homes, prior to her stay, but im just glad that we got lucky with Redcot. Thank you all xxx

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