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Profile Development and Training Limited - Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. As employees, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off the job, apprentices receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. Anyone living in England and over 16 years old are eligible to take an apprenticeship. You do not have to stay on in school past 16, an apprenticeship is another option for young people other than continuing at school or college.

There are 3 levels of apprenticeship

Intermediate apprenticeships Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)

This is the entry level for apprenticeships. This supports apprentices to gain the skills and work experience to begin their career, this level is a stepping stone the higher level qualifications.

Advanced apprenticeship Level 3 (A-Level equivalent)

This level of apprenticeship is for a job role that requires more autonomy, the individual would need to be able to work on their own and possibly even in a supervisory role.

Higher apprenticeship Level 4+ (University equivalent)

Not all Apprenticeships are available at this higher level. For those Apprenticeships that are available the programme aims to develop the Apprentice's skills as a specialist in their job role.

Profile offers the following apprenticeships:

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ian Pearce
Contact Position
Business Development and Project Manager
01843 609300

Where to go

Work based apprenticeship delivery

When is it on?

Date & Time Information
Ongoing enrolments but most new starts in September as our apprenticeships are predominately in school settings

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