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Royal Society for Deaf People (RAD)

The Royal Association for Deaf People offers help with finding training and employment, provides information and advice about health services, benefits, housing, debt, domestic violence and interpreting.

The website offers British Sign Language translation.

RAD offers Advocacy. Sometimes you may feel you are not being listened to, for example by health and social care professionals, or by those who provide services, or even perhaps your own family, and you may feel unable to communicate or express yourself in order to get your own view point across. An Independent Advocate is someone who will support you to ensure that your views and rights are respected, that you are treated fairly, your concerns are taken into account and you have real control over the big decisions in your life.  Advocates can help you speak up at meetings, deal with difficult issues and help understand important decisions that are being made. They are professionally trained, fair and impartial, and the service is completely confidential and independent of the local authority.

Who to contact

0845 688 2527
07851 423 866

Where to go

Century House South
Riverside Office Centre
North Station Road


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