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Young People Sexual Health Service

We provide confidential advice, information, counselling and support to vulnerable young people under 25 years old.  We also offer training, placement and work experience opportunities for all.



Service Summary:


  • Sexual & Reproductive Health Advice


  • Pregnancy Testing and Referrals


  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

    • and Management Support


  • General Hygiene and Health promotion


  • Psychosexual Health Counselling


  • Counselling in clinic and by - Phone, Email and Text


  • Health Workshops, Training and Placements


  • Outreach Service


  • Free Condoms


  • Contraception Information


  • Education, Training & Supervision for Youth, Guardians, Health and Social Care and Youth Workers Teachers, Trainers, etc...



Service Locations: London to North Kent areas and Nationally Online 


We will visit your organisation to provide the support you need. 

Organisations can request MyHealthnet services on behalf of young people.


How To Access Service: 

Register online and book your service at 

Access Skype Clinic ID: MyHealthnet_08454301904 Click Link:

Access MyHealthnet vis Facebook in confidence DM intially Click link

Message us online at

Visit Us Online for Service Enquiries at  then complete a contact form stating your service needs and to speak to an advisor as required.

Service referral: You too can help refer friends who need our service so they too can access our services. 

We can refer you or friends for further counselling and clinical care support where necessary.  

Access via Text messages is available to registered and established service users only.

Face 2 Face local service appointment is strictly by appointment only due to resource limitation.

For information about our clinical services, training, educational programmes, placements or volunteering, please send enquiries to  


MyHealthnet Counselling and Advice Service


If you have any sexual health concern, register then email ‘Aunt Clara’ now for a confidential advice.  We would be happy for members to leave their anonymous sexual health questions for our agony Aunt Clara to respond to.  Anyone requiring online counselling must leave full description of their concerns and their contact email address. 


Contact Aunt Clara with your concerns: 

Private Consultation by 

Service users are advised to protect their identity online and to remember to send DM - direct message privately when contacting us via facebook and other social media pages like LinkedIn and Twitter or Instagram as preferred.  We no longer allow anonymous registration where service users previously used nick names etc.

Since the 1st of January 2020 we now ask for your true identity when accessing confidential service face2face, online service and when contacting us by email, in your correspondence and consultation with professionals.  We will not publish your true identity with non-healthcare professionals providing direct service to you.


By Phone - private calls from members are welcomed for phone counselling services on:

Monday and Wednesday - 6 pm - 10 pm 

Thursdays - 9 pm to 11 pm,

Friday and Saturdays -10 am to 8 pm

Official Matters Call Phone No: 08454301904 and leave a message only and we will call you back.  


Book Counselling Appointment:  counselling times may change to accommodate young people’s needs.   

All calls are monitored to ensure safety and for quality monitoring. 

Remember, you can also send text or email messages and our staff will contact you immediately or within 24 hours.   

NB:  You are expected to register with us online before contacting us. 

We expect you to see your own doctor for final advice and or management of your concerns as advised.



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