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Exercise Referral Scheme at The King's School Recreation Centre

Exercise Referral is an excellent, 12 week, opportunity for people to address their physical activity needs in a formalised manner under the guidance of highly qualified exercise instructors. This allows for individuals to acquire the knowledge and confidence to address their referred condition in a safe and effective manner.

Exercise Referral is available for a range of medical conditions such as; Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Respiratory Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Muscular/Skeletal problems and Mental Health issues amongst others. You may also be recovering from an illness/injury or need exercise to address risk factors associated with medical conditions. We are able to offer specialist, qualified instructors for: Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cancer and Musculoskeletal conditions. The scheme is aimed at those who are currently physically inactive.

 Activities could include:

Tailored and supervised gym programmes,

Water Therapy Classes,

Active for Life Classes, Chair- based classes,


Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi,

Twice finalists for best rehabilitation facility at the National Fitness Awards we believe we offer a professional, service led, experience for those determined to improve their referred condition/s.


Contact: Exercise Referral manager at

Who to contact

01227 812921
Exercise Referral manager at

Where to go

1 St. Stephens Road

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